Italian Walk in Closets, chest of drawers, Bedroom - Guzzini and Fontana


Jazz as a creative process based on interaction, rhythm and fluidity is the source of inspiration for Night in Jazz, the new catalog by Guzzini & Fontana. Just as this genre has been able to innovate the musical habits of its time, so GF Interiors products are designed to break the traditional patterns of furniture, finding new and unprecedented locations that interpret the continuous changes in the sphere of living. And just as improvisation allows jazz to always remain current by constantly changing, so new models, finishes and materials make their entry into the Guzzini & Fontana collections to design spaces that are increasingly welcoming and usable, capable not only of integrating more functions but also to dress the entire home in the name of a design with contemporary elegance.

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If the temporal dimension internally fragments the homes, dividing them into the living and sleeping areas, the real players in the house are those who move through the spaces and live their daily lives in the name of total integration between the different environments. To respond to this new challenge, Guzzini & Fontana proposes collections inspired by a concept of extreme flexibility. And if the need is to always provide new storage spaces, GF Interiors solutions, which can be perfectly set in every corner of modern homes, express the essence of a house marked by fluidity.

Italian Walk in Closets, chest of drawers, Bedroom - Guzzini and Fontana
Italian Walk in Closets, chest of drawers, Bedroom - Guzzini and Fontana


Adaptability of spaces to redesign domestic geographies. Almost unlimited design possibilities. A new rhythm for homes that takes into account the fluid succession of environments. All this and much more is Night in Jazz by GF Interiors. Each system of the night catalog is designed in continuity with the others, as part of a domestic architecture built according to the spaces and no longer the furnishings available. The compositional possibilities that satisfy the different areas of taste are infinite, all in a perfect combination with precious and refined finishes.